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15 10, 2020

How to Build a Cloud Foundry Application: Evaluating Content from an URL

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In previous posts, we developed a small web application that runs in the IBM Cloud, then we transformed it into an application that analyses given text and returns tone scoring per sentence. As the app output was rather rude, we also improved its look and feel.

Now let’s consider the situations when someone would like to evaluate the content of a web page. We will further enhance the application to evaluate the content of a web page from a given URL instead of analyzing copy-pasted text. Obviously, after all the hard work we’ve done, it would be great

17 09, 2020

3 Ways Forward for Migrating Web Applications in the Cloud

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Many businesses are looking for better ways to migrate their web applications to a cloud-based infrastructure so that they quickly adapt in today’s fast changing markets.

The road to success could be implemented using various strategies. Depending on the commitment to go “full cloud” the risks and rewards vary. In the following text we compare three strategies that can help you decide on your migration strategy.

Essential to plan cloud migration is a good understanding of the existing service. Converting an existing application into a cloud-based solution depends heavily on how the application interacts with its environment. Based

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